Friday, May 30, 2008

In Paraguay - First days...

Hi Friends,

I arrived safely and am in Guarambare where our 11 weeks of training will be held. So far, we´re still in the orientation phase -- the real work begins on Monday. We´ve received some shots (yellow fever and flu), been placed with our host families and been given language assessments. I´m happy to say that my host family is fab and my Spanish passed enough so that I can begin with Guarani (Paraguay´s indiginous language) lessons. It´s really cold here now -- much colder than I anticipated and I´m suffering as a result.

Our training staff seems top-notch and I can´t wait to get started with the technical part (i.e. job training). I have enough trouble with our own political system, it´s hard to imagine that I will be working together with mayors and others in the Paraguayan goverment!

Well, will post pictures soon. Until then, take care and keep in touch!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today's the day!

Hi Friends,

Its midnight now - which means that in about 20 hours, I'll be getting on a plane for Paraguay (via Buenos Aires). My group consists of 18 people - 8 guys, 10 girls and that includes one Puerto Rican American and one Mexican American -- a very nice diverse group. Most of us are in the Municipal Development sector with all the rest in the Rural Economic Development sector. We had a tiring day today - discussing all the things we're nervous and excited about, discussing Peace Corps policy and what to expect when we arrive. am I feeling now? Well, it's late and it's been a long day, so I'm tired and overwhelmed by all that is about to happen. Excited? Yeah, there's a bit of that somewhere inside me too - but I think I'll get more excited when I step off the plane in Asuncion.

Well, that's all for now - the next installment will come to you (not live) from Paraguay, stay tuned...


Friday, May 9, 2008

Only 17 days to go

Hi Friends, I've got less than three weeks to go or should I say three weeks to stay?  I've got two big assignments to complete for school and then I'm home free!  Of course, the second I leave for Paraguay (8PM on the 28th) I’ll have a lot of new work to do.  Language training, job training, cultural training….I think I’ll just stop thinking about that for a while.  I think I’ll concentrate on the 3 ½ days I have in Boston to “hang-out.”  I'm leaving campus on the 22nd (about 12 hours after my last class) and plan to spend a few blissful days doing a whole lot of nothing with my cousin and her family in Boston. No papers to worry about, no reading to do, no meetings to schedule…just a little time to reflect on my time at SIT and all the amazing friendships I made.  Well, back to those two final assignments…. Peace, Laara