Friday, May 30, 2008

In Paraguay - First days...

Hi Friends,

I arrived safely and am in Guarambare where our 11 weeks of training will be held. So far, we´re still in the orientation phase -- the real work begins on Monday. We´ve received some shots (yellow fever and flu), been placed with our host families and been given language assessments. I´m happy to say that my host family is fab and my Spanish passed enough so that I can begin with Guarani (Paraguay´s indiginous language) lessons. It´s really cold here now -- much colder than I anticipated and I´m suffering as a result.

Our training staff seems top-notch and I can´t wait to get started with the technical part (i.e. job training). I have enough trouble with our own political system, it´s hard to imagine that I will be working together with mayors and others in the Paraguayan goverment!

Well, will post pictures soon. Until then, take care and keep in touch!



sue said...

Hi Laara - I am really enjoying hearing from you. What is the temp. in Paraguay - I hope you brought some warm clothes, but I'm sure you did being a first rate traveler. I can't wait to hear more about your family and how you straighten out the politics in S.A.

Laara said...

The weather swings in 50 degrees! It was in the 30´s when we arrived and was in the 80´s this past weekend. Now it´s chilly again, around 50 degrees or so!