Monday, June 9, 2008

Second week of training

Hi Friends,

Second week is under way. It´s hard to believe we´ve only been here for two weeks. We all feel as though we´ve known each other much longer and we are all settling in to our lives here in Paraguay. Our training staff has prepared a few adventures for us this week. First, a vist to Asuncion on Wednesday. We are travelling in pairs and we´ve all been given assigments. I´m travelling with Liam (the tallest guy in our group) and our ¨mission¨ is to find the USAID office and attend a meeting there. I´m excited to visit them and can´t wait to hear what they have to say about working with Municipalities and how they feel they can help (or how they feel they cannot help). The second adventure is a 3 day trip to visit a volunteer. We don´t know which volunteer we will visit or where they are located, but we will find out on Wednesday. The volunteers we will visit are either in their first or second year and are all working in the same sector as us (Municipal Development). This is our first opportunity to see the work we´ve been learning about first hand. I´m sure I´ll have tales to tell soon....

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