Friday, June 13, 2008

Leaving for Horqueta

Hi Friends,

Its official - I´m visiting a first year municipal development volunteer in Horqueta (northern Paraguay, near Concepcion). I leave this evening with a fellow trainee who is visitng a different volunteer nearb. Our journey will first take us to Asuncion (via bus), where we will hang out in the Peace Corps office for a few hours. Then, we´ll take another bus (a harrowing experience if there ever was one) leaving at 11:45 PM and travel all night to get to Horqueta sometime between 6 and 7 AM. We´ll be staying with our host volunteers through Tuesday morning when we have to make our way back to our training site - Guarambare.

I´m missing my camera terribly (forgot it and my parent´s have sent it, but the waiting and missed picture opportunities are driving me crazy) and sorry I can´t share more images with you all. So far, Paraguay is a great country with warm and kind people. I am looking forward to venturing out and seeing more though.

While in Asuncion on Wednesday I was able to visit with a USAID representative and that was really interesting. The program is small, but seems to be contributing to Paraguayans especially in their transition to democracy. USAID primarly supports local government institutions and specifically the local municipalities (which is where I will eventually be working).

Well, the connection is slow and expensive so I´ll sign off. But keep coming back as the next installment is sure to be better!


sussimanler said...
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misskate said...

Hey! It's so exciting to read your posts! Life in Switz is as it always is; beautifully dull.It's the Eurocup right now, so you could almost use the word bustling for the streets of Geneva. Almost. And it has been bloody cold and rainy here, too. But it is still Geneva after all, so life isn't particularly difficult.
Travel safely! You're in my prayers!